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Zhejiang Huanxin Fluoro Material Co., Ltd.  is a leading manufacturing operation specializing in fluorosiloxane materials, specialty fluorochemicals and low GWP products. Based on our proprietary technology in the field of specialty fluorine material production, we are a long run resource supplier to clients with high performance and quality specialty fluorochemical materials.


Main business:

Low GWP materials: HFO-1234yf, 253fb, 250fb;

Specialty Fluorosilicone Materials: Fluorosilicone Rubber, Fluorosilicone Oil, Important Intermediate Trifluoropropylmethylcyclotrisiloxane, and Monomer Trifluoroproplyene (HFO-1243zf) ;

SpeciaIty Fluorochemicals: Hexafluoroproplyene Oxide (HFPO), Hexafluoroacetone (trihydrate); Tetrafluoropropanol, Octafluoropropanol

Manufacturing and supplying of these products and materials enable us to serve a wide range of industrial specialty and consumption markets, including automotive, sealing materials, advanced functional materials and environmental- friendly refrigeration and fire safety applications.

Strict and overall quality control, multi-decade years of manufacturing and technology innovation, Huanxin Fluoro Material has been supplying high-quality material products to clients around the world and growing with clients. We are committed being a reliable resource supplier and long-term partner of specialty fluorochemicals and specialty materials.


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